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Company profile

The Company

The Company

Metalcaucho S.L. is a company operating in the distribution of car spare parts, installed on European and Asian vehicles.

Metalcaucho is a Spanish company founded in 1987 with the aim of distributing spare parts of original quality or equivalent, adaptable to most vehicles in the international circulating car park. Originally the company was established in Barcelona in order to consolidate and strengthen the activities of a group of small factories, located in its vicinity, dedicating to the molding of rubber, metal...
Our Products

Our Products

Metalcaucho has available specific spare parts for cars manufactured in: rubber, metal, rubber-metal and plastic.

Always attentive to the needs of the world's automotive aftermarket, Metalcaucho in addition to the favorable economic conditions practiced, with its wide range has made a difference compared to its competitors for the supply of many products often impossible to find in aftermarket. Many of our products have proven indispensable for a complete assistance on the vehicle, even if indirectly, contributing...


The main warehouse, located in the RubÝ Sud industrial park (Calle Puig i Cadafalch 2) with an area of more than 14,000 m2, 13.5 meters high, 11 loading docks and 2,000 m2 of offices.

The significant size of the warehouses, allows the storage of high and wide range of stocks, in order to ensure a high level service on the availability and delivery of goods. An efficient logistics system in conjunction with a strategic location, allows the rapid delivery of orders of all sizes quickly and cost effectively. ...
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    21st International Exhibition of Automotive Parts, Components, Car Maintenance Equipment and Products



  • Updates
    • New family of ABS sensors New family of ABS sensors

      27/06/2016 - Metalcaucho, European leader supplier of aftermarket spare parts in rubber and metal for the automotive sector, expands its extensive general catalog of aftermarket parts with the incorporation of ABS sensors family. In total, there are 127 new references suitable for more than 600 applications.

    • New family of fuel pipes New family of fuel pipes

      11/05/2016: Metalcaucho launches the fuel pipe product range, 1st in the spare parts aftermarket at European level.

    • Automotive control cables Automotive control cables

      22/03/2016: Throttle, gearshift, hood, speedo, clutch (manual and automatic), brake and starter cables among many others.